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Rolling back

As I stated in an earlier thread we collected our new 500X automatic in November.
Is there anyone else out there with an automatic that could tell me if there automatic rolls back, (gear not engaged) while waiting to pull away. Sitting on a slight incline I removed my foot from the brake to press accelerator, when I discovered the car began rolling back, The stop/start was disengaged so it could not be that which is the cause.
I did some research and found on the 2016 model there was a recall on automatics due to the gearbox sometimes going into neutral on its own, but not sure if what my problem is the same thing
I have driven automatic vehicles for well over 20 years but have never encountered this problem before.
Can anyone advise?
Many thanks
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Hi Jody

I have a 2015 500x cross plus 9 speed auto and have had it for a couple of years and it's never done that on mine. It may need a dealer to look at it.


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Hi Jody
I got my new 500x auto in November also & I have experienced the same thing & again like you my previous car was an automatic which never rolled back, it does seem strange itís like the auto clutch isnít engaging quickly enough when pulling away
Iíve managed by just applying the hand brake & because the auto hand brake just disengages as you drive off itís a solution however shouldnít really need to do that
I will have a word with the dealership or maybe Iíll contact customer services & see if they can shed any light
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I had a similar problem, but had the stop start turned on. The engine stops on hills/inclines and when you take your foot off he break to go forward the car will roll back before the engine starts have nearly run in to 5 cars. I raised this issue with fiat via the dealership and after the had my car for about 4 weeks concluded that is normal. So was not happy as fiat will not fix this.

Also when the stop/start is off engine running the hill start will disengage after a pre set time this is normal according to fiat.

I did try another car and it was the same. I have a 500x 1.4 automatic.
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