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Can anyone tell me if the cab dimension in the post September 500X is smaller than the pre September 2018 cab dimension?
I test drove a 1.6 500X Pop Star in May/June 2018 and was very comfortable for me, (6ft 6 inch and broad shoulders).
I ordered a Popstar 1.6 auto there and then.
I waited and waited. Then I was told because of new E. U. emission regs all car makers had ceased production, til they could meet the new emission levels. The end of October I am then told. Fiat have stopped doing the 1.6 engine and the pop star would be no more, the new model would be the City Cross and only in a 1 litre or 1.3. I drove to the dealer but the only 500 was a manual so I couldn't take it for a drive. I had a sit in the car and it seemed ok.
We took delivery of the car mid November. My wife has driven it around for the 1st couple of weeks. I drove it for the 1st time today. I can't drive it! It feels really cramped, I couldn't get the seat into a comfortable position, the door post is digging into my shoulder.
It is also the 1st auto I have driven that doesn't hold itself and rolls back when releasing the foot brake.
In short it feels nothing like the vehicle I test drove.
ANd I cant get my head under the door frame on the passenger side!
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