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500x first 500 miles
After a worthwhile wait took delivery of my 500x 1.6 lounge in bronze, brown leather, winter pack, safety pack and visibility pack on 6th August.

Points to note
Winter pack now this is very interesting, along with many others including the dearship we thought was that a heated window screen was part of the pack - the online configuration says that it is. Everyone I have spoken to deemed this to be of the type fitted by Ford & Volvo with the heated elements like a heated rear window. After much communication between the dealership, Fiat customer service and myself it appears it's something different - if you read the Broucher
it states heated wiper blade area. Thus is at odds with the term on the web site. Fiat customer services would not accept that it was misleading. Anyway it is what it is will see what happens when I need to use it.

Lane assist
Very cleaver simple as if you drift the sterling wakes you up and resists the drift.
Best bit is the bind spot assist yellow light on your wing mirror if there is car in your blind spot, if you indicate topull out and there is car approaching in the lane you are going to move into that's close you get a bleep warning.

Reversing camera - great does the job

Brake assist - need to test this!

Note if you don't have an iphone or android phone, then you can't install the app.
I have a Microsoft Lucia so although pairs great can't get u connect, so I brought a cheap android phone and installed the app. Note although you can pair a number of phones I seem to have to connect my lumia to makes calls then disconnect and connect the android to get live traffic etc.

Mood selector
Select sport and feel the power surge!

Keyless entry
Great just remember to press the button on the handle your lock

Electric hand brake
Once it's on and ready to move just drive off! Took a while to get this into my head. Practice hill starts - find a hill with no traffic and get the confidence

This car was a upgrade from my 500ta very different I feel safer and don't seem to subjected to the aggressive get out of my way experiace.

Long trips drove from Essex the Leeds Castle in Kent, lovely comfortable drip, seats ofer lots of support ride smooth arrived like I have just got into the car.

I hope it gets better 55 ave on 50 mikes daily work travel.

Where are the 500x
Anyone know if they are selling well in the UK, I have seen 2 on the road!!!!

eBay seems to have the entire red and new age grey opening edition

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Hi no, I did not opt for that upgrade. Have you installed the app and activated your u connect account. When I did mine an upgrade for u connect installed. Make sure your pair the phone with the cat and activate it on your phone. I don't have a Facebook account or any other other stuff , but the news is active and the live traffic runs provided I select the android phone as the fav phone. Once connected you get the miles left etc on your tank of fuel shown on u connect. My car with a little u connect hand book - looks like it was a recent addition.
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