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Hi folks, wondering if anyone can help. we have a 2019 1.0 crossplus 500x. bought it from arnold clark, and took out a service plan. They have opened a motorstore near us, and bit further down the road, and repair centre/training facility. When first service was due last year, we took it, they did it, then called to say that they couldnt reset the service indicator light, so we either had to re book the car in so they could take it to another branch (which was a fiat dealership) to put it on the fiat computer, or we could collexct the car and take it there ourselves, which we opted to get it done there and then. They stated that the system was "locked" and stopped their bosch equipment resetting it.

This year, same thing again, so we had to take it to the fiat branch, they reset it. Yesterday, the oil change warning light came on. She took it back, mainly to check they had carried the work out etc, and why it was on. Again they tried to reset it, but stated again system was locked to fiat only computer so we need to take it to the fiat branch again. I tried the pedal method i found on the web, but its not having it.

My thinking is the whole point of the obd 2 system was so that it was possible to diagnose vehicles etc. All other cars we have owned we never have come across this for a simple service, or oil reset. Is this the norm, or is there something wrong. we were assured the oil has been changed at both services they have carried out, and its done less than 600 miles since it was done. car hasnt done 9000 miles yet either.
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