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Hi All,

New to the group, 4 weeks in with our new(ish) 2016 500x Lounge and other than a couple of issues so far (failed clutch position sensor on the 2nd day of owning, sorted under warranty, and now a failed drivers door window, hopefully also to be sorted under warranty) loving the car so far.

However, I would like to ask please if anyone has successfully update the maps on the 6.5 media unit?

I've seen plenty of guides for the 5 unit and have had no success updating the Uconnect system as the car advises the system is registered to another user etc when connecting via the APP - Fiat support have now told me they are unable to reset the Uconnect as the system is no longer supported!

So, going round in circles at the moment but really need the map updating as a couple of local roads near to me aren't shown.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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