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Hello all...

Just wanted to check if anyone else has had any Central Locking Issues.

Took our 500x to Dublin New Years Day and when loading up after checking out of Hotel only the Boot Opened when unlocked (When i say opened i mean enabled the button which then let us open the Boot and load our bags).

Had to open the drivers door with the Mini Emergency Key and was then unable to open any other doors, wife had to climb through to passenger seat, thankfully was only 2 of us travelling.

Got in to it yesterday morning to take to Dealer and Dash light up like bad Christmas Decorations even showing pictures i'd never seen before, central locking then did a flick then everything died.

Fiat Recovery called out and said something was loading the battery so off she went OnTow to the Dealers..

Latest update this afternoon was that they were trying a new battery in it to eliminate a dead cell :mad:

stay tuned...
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