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Hey all, my mom's 2016 500x 1.6tdi 120hp is getting on my nerves now. For the last 2 years she has had a clunk on the car. Garages couldn't find it. So I'm now going through it but at a time.

The clunk only happens when you are turning right originally and only happens on the first quarter of a turn from any steering wheel position.

Things I have done, I replaced the driver's lower arm as the bushes we're splitting quite badly. No increase or decrease in noise.
Turned the car full lock, grabbed the drop links and had someone shake the car feeling for a knock and that's nothing.
I shake the car no clunk.
The clunk comes from the driver's side and you can feel it through the wheel.
Dropped the strut and found the top mount had broken so I replaced it with a lemforder, I have the otherside to do. Now since I replaced the top mount the clunk is certainly abit more prominent on its noise now. It sounds like something scraping against the thread of something else. Still happens in the same wheel turning motion but now when I hit a bump or go up a kerb you can hear it more.

Only things I can think of is take wheel off, put jack under the lower arm and really crank it up to compress the spring and see if I can get anything tighter on the top mount end.

Is there a common issue with this sort of noise? (A dealer in the UK told me there was on the early ones with the engine mount but that looks and feels fine) it's driving my mom crazy and I'm fed up of stripping the car and not finding the fault
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