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Hi everyone,
After scouring the internet for a complete guide to replacing the ambient temperature sensor on my 500x, Ive decided to do a brief one myself. If you're uconnect display is reading a ridiculous temperature (mine was reading 38c in winter in the UK) this might be of help.

I should just say, I am not a mechanic nor do I have any experience fixing cars. You undergo any of the following at your own risk and I take no responsibility if you melt your car or dissapoint your family! Also, its possible there is a much easier way to do this but this is the way I went about it. Taking it to a Fiat garage would get the whole wing mirror replaced with a lot less fiddling but way more cost. This method is good if you dont want to remove the wing mirror but rather 'operate' on it in situ.

Firstly I should link a guide this chap posted, it helped a lot with certain aspects. Although the wing mirrors he had were slightly different the general idea is the same.

Step 1- Remove the body coloured rear plastic of the wing mirror. The clips can be seen in the photo below. I used some plastic car trim tools to avoid damaging the wing mirror.
Automotive parking light Vehicle Automotive tail & brake light Automotive lighting Hood

Step 2- Remove the indicater housing and bulb. This isnt a completely necessary step but gets it out the way and avoids damaging it. It clips fairly losely into the wing mirror.
Automotive lighting Automotive tire Wheel Motor vehicle Alloy wheel

Step 3- (No Photo) Pry out the mirror. I found this easier to do from the back of the glass pushing out through holes in the housing. Whatever way you do it be as gentle as possible to avoid is smashing. Disconnect the mirror defrost plug and put the mirror to one side.

Step 4- Once you've got the mirror out remove the torx screw circled.
Automotive tire Light Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Rim

Step 5- Stupidly I didnt photo this but removal of the screw allows for the main two section of the black plastic wing mirrow housing to seperate once a few clips have been unfastened. This in turn allows a plastic moulding to move away from the top of the sensor meaning you can remove the old sensor out of the way. After this you can remove the old sensor by twisting it left and out, snipping the wires and fitting the old one in its place.
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Hood Motor vehicle

Step 6- Next solder the new sensor wires in. I twisted the two sets of wires together and checked the new sensor worked before commiting to solder them. Turning the ignition on gave me a correct read-out of 15c.
Bicycle tire Automotive tire Bicycle part Bicycle handlebar Crankset

Finally I slid over some shrink tube (which Id slid over the wires prior to soldering) to the soldered joints and tucket all the wiring away. Finally I put everything back in order and checked that the electric mirrors, indicator bulb and sensor worked correctly before giving myself a high-five and getting a coffee.


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