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Hi Aaron, welcome!

There's not a huge amount of info on the T&C's for that deal (that I can see) but at first glance it seems similar to the Fiat Finance PCP offers in the UK (well I say UK, I'm sure it's essentially EU wide but I'll refer to it as a UK deal as that's my experience of it), except it also includes insurance - so probably more closer to the Peugeot "Just Add Fuel" deal.

In UK PCP you pay a deposit then monthly fees for three years, then you either a) pay the balance and own the car, b) give the car back with nothing to pay, or c) take out a new car on the same agreement. If you wanted to give it back earlier the finance company would generally allow that BUT you would be liable for costs up to 50% of the agreement, plus probably a handling fee.

But, if you've paid more than 50% of the agreement you can choose to Voluntary Terminate with no penalty to pay (though you would have a VT or Voluntary Termination marker on your credit history for 6 yrs. Doesn't affect your credit rating).

If the deal you've seen works the same I personally would take it as it protects you against both depreciation (no obligation to a buy a 3yr old car) and the ability to hand it back should you need to. Just make sure you keep it in good condition AND under the agreed annual mileage.

That is, of course, if the deal works as the UK PCP - read those T&C's closely and understand what you're signing up for!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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