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FIAT, Microsoft Advertising and media agency Maxus have launched an industry-first digital advertising campaign to support the launch of the stylish and desirable new FIAT 500X crossover vehicle. The campaign features the FIAT 500X and Dynamo, the world-renowned magician and the star of the hit TV show Magician: Impossible, which currently airs in more than 180 countries on Discovery Networks reaching in excess of 210 million people globally.
“The Power of X” FIAT 500X/Dynamo campaign is now live across Xbox, Skype, MSN, and Windows 8, culminating in an immersive, interactive illusion from the magician which will be available exclusively on the Xbox in advance of the official UK launch of the FIAT 500X at the end of April.
The campaign's dedicated Xbox hub invites audiences to sign up and receive new information on the FIAT 500X, as well as building excitement around the Dynamo partnership through teasers and exclusive content such as custom Avatar props. Dynamo will then create a first-of-its-kind, magical FIAT 500X illusion exclusively for Xbox One and Xbox 360 users, including a special Kinect-enabled feature to unlock more content from the magician himself.
“The Power of X” campaign utilises Creative Sequencing to engage with users across the Microsoft Advertising ecosystem, including Skype, MSN, Outlook and Windows. Each time a user engages online, regardless of which platform they're on, they will discover the next chapter in their creative FIAT experience, thereby maintaining their curiosity and excitement about the FIAT 500X.
Delivering multiple messages from one platform to the other across Microsoft's devices and services enables FIAT to create awareness and engagement with its target audience of “Stylish Adventurers”: people with a keen sense of fun who enjoy new experiences and who also pride themselves on standing out from the crowd – all the attributes that the FIAT 500X exemplifies!
Kate McLaren, Head of Brand FIAT UK, commented: “The FIAT 500X is a brand new vehicle in a brand new segment for us, so it made absolute sense that we create awareness in new and innovative ways as well. “The Power of X” illusion, which was specially created by Dynamo for FIAT, allowed us to launch the new 500X to the public in a way which, much like the car itself, is surprising, exciting and truly unique. By continuing that association across Microsoft's array of cutting-edge digital platforms, we can bring “The Power of X” to a much wider and more diverse audience who may not otherwise have discovered the new FIAT 500X.”
Stuart Flint, Sales Director, Microsoft Advertising, noted: “Using our consumer insights, in combination with FIAT and Dynamo, we have designed a campaign that engages people with content that's exciting and relevant to them. Xbox's creative capabilities enable us to provide a rich, unique experience for the FIAT 500X launch, showcasing its features as well as bringing the experience to life. I can't wait to see what illusion Dynamo will create on Xbox. I will definitely be tuning in for that!”
Pierre Paoli, Maxus, says: “This campaign is offering something really different. Not only are Dynamo, Xbox and FIAT incredibly well-matched brand partners, with a great individual edge, but we're creating something unique – an interactive magic trick, and a campaign that works seamlessly across all the Microsoft platforms. When technology and a great, original creative idea come together like this, you know you're onto a winner."
Launched on Thursday 22 January, the multi-screen digital campaign runs until Thursday 30 April, 2015 with further details about the Xbox interactive FIAT 500X illusion from Dynamo released as the campaign progresses.
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