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Fiat really is considering making a sporty Abarth turbo version out of its 500X crossover. The 500X shares its underpinnings with the Jeep Cherokee, although its specific tuning makes it feel quite different on the road.

Reviewers who have had a chance to drive the 500X said it was noticeably sharper to drive, with firmer suspension than the Jeep. Turning it into an Abarth is something that was discussed in the past, but it seems that time has not helped the execs reach a decision regarding it.
Last time we mentioned this, it was Roberto Gioliot, the boss of Fiat design in Europe, who confirmed it is being examined as a possibility, but this time it's the Euro CEO, Alfredo Altavilla.
Autocar quotes him as saying “besides the 124 and 500, we are thinking about an all-new addition to the line-up. The 500X is one of the options being considered.”
Apparently, if it is chosen to become an official Abarth, practicality will be sacrificed in the name of sportiness, with it being family-friendly taking a back seat.
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