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Hi all,

Firstly, apologies to the mods, I couldn't see a For Sale area or if this would contravene the T&C's. If it does, please move/remove as required.

Basically I have a set of 500X floor mats, non-Fiat (I bought them when the car first came out and Fiat UK couldn't get stock of the genuine ones). They are made by a UK company using the car as template and are black with red piping. Set of four, fit the car fine (not as good as OEM but decent). Probably good if you wanted a winter set or if you were selling the car but replacing with another 500X. Fit all models as far as I know.

Probably 7k miles use tops so zero wear really.

I've been bought a set of genuine mats so these are no longer required. Basically, cover the P&P and they are yours!

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