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Hi Everybody

Very new to this Forum and very new to my car, which I love.

The features are great including the camera, reverse sensor parking, heated seats, comfort pack etc...the list goes on.

I did have a couple of issues recently which were :-
* Grinding front brakes (only 1200 miles on the clock)
* Rattling interior door frames on the back doors (imagine an old speaker up full volume but without the was a smiliar vibrating noise to that)
* Heat on the steering wheel would cut out (not thermostatic as the light remained on).

On taking the car back to the garage for a first time, it was in for one day, afterwhich, I was told by the Mechanic that I would "still have some grinding"...which I wasn't happy with and that he'd sorted the "squeaking" on the door so had put some "special lubricant around the seals".....I didn't have a squeaky door and the noise was a rattling on the inside interior....not on the seals!

A second visit to the garage was mediated through my finance company, who were able to negotiate having the issues I had taken seriously and rectified.

The car was taken in for 8 days and new brake pads replaced (I was told they needed special pads....which made me wonder why they weren't fiited the first time I took the car in) and apparently, a FIAT specialist was brought in to source the rattling noise in the back door, and found that a few clips were missing (which the garage couldn't find until he pointed this out to them).

The issues with the steering wheel I was told, could be down to a recall on the cars which would require a software update. That software update was carried out and the car on that second visit, with everything else above, amended too.

I have now had the car back for 2 weeks, during which time, the car hasn't been used as I was on an Easter break.....until today.

The pads and doors I am pleased to report, appear to be rectified.

However, on the otherhand, the heat in my steering wheel is still cutting out - more so, at times. For example, I turned it on as I started the car and by 1/4 a mile, the heat had started to cool down already and then went to a normal temperature (i.e. not heated).....but the light was still on.

I don't want a replacement my car as I do love.
I am sure I can work something out with the finance company / FIAT on this, but I just wondered if anybody had this (or any of the other problems above).

I am not a general an easier life is a happier one. I also appreciate that a heated steering wheel is a luxury and not a necessity, but its a luxury that I'm paying for.

Thanks in advance and I promise, I do love my car......

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Don't worry about sounding like a complainer, you've paid well earned money for the car and everything should work as expected. If it wasn't a software update I would now expect something physical to be wrong, wiring, heating elements etc. I would maybe think swapping the steering wheel out would be the next option for them?
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