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I purchased a 2016 Fiat 500X Pop (a couple of years ago) and it may be a case the previous owner rode the clutch, but its been slipping and on hill starts its crawls.

I took it to Fiat ( I got the car from a private sale) and they want to replace the clutch ( complete clutch assembly including concentric release bearing) and for the pleasure they will charge 1300 quid.

I'm fortunate to have a very good friend who works for a great indie garage and he advised the same thing, adding 'Fiat 500's have clutch issues' he came in only a few hundred quid less, at £1100

Third option was Mr Clutch who offered to do it for £600 !!!!

Does anyone know how they can do this so cheap? Reconditioned clutch? employing fitters who only know how to do one thing , fit clutches? I can't get my head around how much cheaper they are.

I'll go with Fiat, simply because dr google is full of horror stories, but can't help thinking how cheap Mr Clutch are. Has anyone here had experience with them?

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