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Speculation has suggested that PSA, now co-owned by Chinese car maker Dongfeng and already working on joint ventures with Toyota and GM, could merge with Fiat Chrysler to underpin the growth of both firms.
While PSA is strongest in Asian and European markets, Chrysler is strongest in the US, while Fiat and Alfa are undergoing revival plans.
PSA sold just over 2.8m cars last year, while Fiat Chrysler sold 4.4m. Fiat Chrysler boss Sergio Marchionne has previously claimed that a car maker will have to sell six million vehicles in the future if it is to be sustainable. But Tavares has insisted that his firm must complete his ‘Back in the Race' recovery plan before it considers any mergers.
Do you think a merge with Peugeot would be a good move for Fiat?
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