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Hi All. So few days ago the temp sensor started reading 40c as a start point! And Wales isn't that hot. About 500 miles later went to start the car and briefly saw following messages
Engine Oil Low
Stop/start disabled
Check engine
Drive mode disabled

Car still ran so took it to my friendly garage guy. Thought it might of been the battery but his tech thinks the failed Temp sensor had caused the error. He cleared out lots of error messages from the history and the car was then back to normal.

As an aside I replaced the sensor my self today. 9.99. + 3 quid for plastic trim removal tools. Took about 60 mins as removal of the plastic cover is a bit of a faff. You need Torx bits too. But remove top cover. Then remove indicator lens. Getting mirror off was awkward. I prised it off from the underside of it. requires more force than you imagine. Then unscrew the mirror surround ( its the only Torx fitting there) then slide the surround away from the car and it will come out. you can then get to the sensor. it twists in to position. I used a bit of hot glue to fix the new one in place. you can snip the wires of the old sensor close to the body. Strip back the wires and connect. Best to solder if you can as the wire isn't really thick enough to use a screw type connector. Actually found getting it all back together easier than getting it apart.

Or buy a Mirror unit for 150 quid and pay someone 80 to do it for you! After the 1st 10 mins trying to get the cover off the mirror I was tempted to take that route!

Hope this post is useful.
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